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Please fill in the full details of your enquiry form, including the product or products your interested in and we will contact you within 24 to 48 hours either by telephone if you request it or by return email.

If we haven't responded within 24 to 48 hours it may be that we did not receive your details correctly so please send us another email.

Please make sure you include an AFTER HOURS telephone number as most of our calls are done in the afternoon/evening

The reason we ask customers contact us in this manner is, we analize your message and assign a team member best to respond to your requests. This in turn keeps our unique products at very completive prices and ensures you, "the customer", receive specific answers to your questions etc, directly from our highly qualified technical staff that know the ins and outs of our products.

We also invite you to make comments or suggestions you may have on the way we do things here at Creative-oz.com.

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