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Lifestyle Wall Mounted Ironing Board (Full-Size)

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Lifestyle Wall Mounted Ironing Board (Full-Size)

RRP: $493.90
Save: $95.00
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The ORIGINAL Revolutionary #1 Best Selling

Model #: OSU-01

Is your home space-starved for floor space? Are you tired of unpacking, erecting and then putting away that clumsy, conventional ironing board? Concerned about the cost of installing a complex, cabinet-style, built-in ironing board?

Here's the ideal solution from Creative. The Full Size, wall mounted LifeStyle Ironing Centre combines convenience, space efficiency, inconspicuous style and astounding affordability into one smart, simple package, designed for quick and easy D-I-Y installation.

  • Extremely stable FULL SIZE ironing surface
  • Takes up minimal wall space
  • Space-saving design folds away in seconds
  • Can be mounted at any convenient height

extended-warrantyBuy with Confidence: 

This product carries a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee and a 3 year warranty. Please read our Return policy.


RRP: $493.90
Save: $95.00
  • Payments accepted with:
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  • Features:

    • The LifeStyle Full-Size Ironing Centre is THE affordable, high-quality Total Ironing Solution that fits in tight spaces.
    • Extremely stable, Full-size, ventilated, STEEL mesh ironing surface. Does not require any underside support or struts like other outdated ironing centres!
    • Takes up minimal wall space! Its patented, space-saving design folds away when not in use to just a mere 4-½ in (11.43cm). wall profile!
    • High-quality steel construction throughout with cast zinc alloy hinges that allow board to lie perfectly flat!
    • Subtly stylish, detachable, Paintable ABS Wall Cover.
    • Neutral, soft cream color blends with most any decor.
    • Simple, fast D-I-Y installation. You only need to locate one wall stud! No tradesmen or special tools required!
    • Can be mounted at any convenient height you wish!
    • Sturdy, yet contemporary design.
    • Opens parallel to the wall! THEN, swivels and locks at any angle between ZERO and 180 degrees, thereby utilizing normally unused space.
    • Durable, high quality, padded cloth ironing board cover included! Minimizes movement during ironing. Stays on while folding and unfolding ironing board.
    • Portability! Easy to un-mount and install in a new room or building; packs comfortably into a car trunk.
    • The LifeStyle Full-Size Ironing Centre is also ideal for physically-challenged usersbecause it can be mounted at just about any height.

    The Full-Size Wall Mounted LifeStyle Ironing Centre is particularly practical for installation in confined spaces, such as narrow hallways, studio apartments, walk-in closets, TV rooms, boats, trailer homes, RVs, shop and theater dressing rooms, hotel & motel units, holiday cabins, assisted living homes, hospitals and clinics, airport facilities, etc.

  • Benefits:

    Space Saving

    • Replace clumsy, space-hungry old ironing boards and ironing centres.
    • Re-assign floor space and storage space to other uses, or simply reduce clutter
    • Half the cost of most ironing centres, twice the functionality.
    • Full-size ironing board.
    • Includes Chrome-Plated Iron Rest, Clothes Rak, Padded Cloth Ironing Board Cover, ABS Wall Cover, Wall Mounting Plate & all required mounting hardware, installation instructions and user guide.
    Design Quality
    • Highest quality materials ... all STEEL construction.
    • Very stable ironing surface due to superb design and engineering.
    • 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
    • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Package Contents:

    The following components are included:

    • Lifestyle Ironing Centre (Full Size)
    • Chrome-Plated Iron Rest
    • Chrome Telescopic Clothes Rack
    • Padded Cloth Ironing Board Cover
    • ABS Wall Cover
    • Wall Mounting Plate & all required mounting hardware
    • Installation instructions and user guide
  • FAQ's:

    • When the ABS wall cover is on should it touch the wall?
      No the wall cover should be slightly off the wall so as to protect the wall surface
    • Can the full size ironing centre be rotated before opening to iron?
      Yes either model can be folded down from the wall and rotated a complete 180 degrees before opening to iron.
    • What is the size of the full size ironing centre in its closed position with the wall cover on?
      23" (58.42cm) wide x 25" (62.5cm) high
    • Is the wall cover required to operate the full size ironing centre?
      Not at all, the wall cover on either ironing center is simply there to cover your ironing center when not in use.
    • Why does the wall cover not fit flush to the wall?
      The cover has been designed to sit away from the wall so as not to damage the wall's surface.
    • Can the wall cover be discarded and the ironing centre be installed into a wall or a specially designed cabinet?
      Yes, although both ironing centers have a 4 ½" (11.43cm) wall profile, the unique design of the main hinging system allows them to fold down 10" away from the wall to the back of the board therefore giving an approximate clearance from the face of your cabinet or wall of around 6" and still allowing a full 180 degree rotation and full use of every inch of the ironing surface.
    • What is the color of the full size ironing center wall cover?
      The ABS plastic wall cover comes in a soft white and has been specially designed so that it can be painted to match any décor.
  • Reviews:

    Coapman - My husband installed the ironing board and I love it! It is very convenient and fits in a very compact space in my laundry room.

    R Skuse - Great product, freed up space in a small room. Use it almost every day. Friends always ask what is it! The cover looks great and hides the complete board.

    Kathy - I have had my Ironing Centre now for over 3 years. It is the best thing and it is so well constructed and still holding up very well. I love it.

    L. Bluestone - I absolutely LOVE this neato invention! I live in a studio apartment and space is VERY tight. The full size board mounted easily to my concrete wall and has a very small profile allowing to blend in seamlessly with my decor. Even after owning for two years, I STILL get compliments on it, that is once people actually know what it is! Thank you for this marvelous creation!

    Judith - We are very happy with our Wall Mounted full sized Ironing centre. My husband is the ironer in our family. I hate having a board up all the time, so he installed it in our big closet. It stays up but it is sideways most of the time. Not a problem to me. It's out of sight and always ready for him to use. It works for both of us!

    Joseph - My wife really likes the wall mounted full size ironing centre. It is convienient and does not take up valuable space in the room. It is very easy to work with and can be put out of your way in seconds. Great product. THANK YOU.

    Denise - My husband purchased this for me after fixing up our laundry room. It is the best ironing centre I have ever owned. We used to keep an ironing board up in a spare room. It was always in the way. There are 3 of us in the house that iron and it is very convenient. It is never in the way,yet always ready to use. I have told all my friends and family about it. I have many who are jealous that I have it. Anything to make life easier is a plus as far as I'm concerned. Thanks a ton for making such a wonderful product.

    Jiri - It is a perfect space-saving accessory for any household, particularly a condominium. Our guests are very impressed with it, and my wife is very glad that I purchased it for her. No more wobbly, free-standing ironing board!

    Frances - My husband loves it even more than I do. He hated the ironing board always up and in the way. I iron almost every day. It's easy to open and close and we are not constantly stumbling over it.

    Margot - I have been completely satisfied with the ironing centre. The quality of the materials, in particular,I have been pleased with. Before it arrived I had some concern that it would not be as durable or mde of as good material as it was.

    Wayne - Ironing centre is everything it appeared to be on web site. Well constructed, functions well in small area and does not look out of place in room

    Deborah - I absolutely love my Ironing Centre. I don't know what I would do with out it. I really love how it folds and stores out of the way. Very neat. Thanks you so much!!

    Deb - I mounted this in my bedroom closet and love having it so handy. It was easy to install and with the cover it is tucked out of sight so you don't even know it is there until I need to use it.

    Todd - I was concerned about the sturdiness of the ironing centre and worried that there being too much bounce in the ironing board when used. I am pleased that it does seem to be sturdy and well made. Also, while there is some bounce to the ironing board, it is not really noticed when ironing an article of clothing. I think it is a well made product.

    Shirlee - I really like it except that the cover does not fit as snug against the wall as I thought it would. It takes up less room than a traditional ironing board as it is against the wall nad easy to fold up and get out of the way. (Response: With regards to your comment on the wall cover, the cover has been designed to sit away from the wall so as not to damage the walls surface.)

    Carol - Great product. I used to hate ironing simply because of the hassle of the old, clumsy, space-hogging ironing board. I installed the LifeStyle board in my laundry room and now I just flip down the board and it's ready.

    Jon - Because our laundry room is not large, my wife used to leave an ironing board in our room or another room of the house for the quick ironing jobs. Now, with your product, she just drops the wall mounted board down and in no time at all has her ironing done and everything put up and out of the way. A very excellent solution - easy to install and solidly constructed. Thank you.

    Angela - Ironing made enjoyable! I have limited space in my laundry room so my wall mounted ironing center leaves me loads of room! Thanks, Angela

    Darla - Your product is exceptional and has been an asset in our household. Always dependable and a pleasure to use daily! If only all household products were half as well designed and durable as your ironing boards. Thanks Again !

    Kathleen - I have the full size wall mount (in a hallway space) and I am EXREMELY happy... it proved to be very sturdy and well built, couldn't have been easier to install, and I love the fact that if I decide to move it comes with me. Have to say it exceeded my expectations.

    Sharyl - I have mounted my ironing centre behind a closet door in my laundry room. It folds up beautifully when I'm done and disappears when the door is closed. I have solid wood doors, so no special hinges or bracing was needed. I did have an outlet placed in the closet for my iron. I am so glad that I chose your board over the classic pull down wall ironing board or a fold up board.

    Jim - I thought the ironing board went in easily, and it works well, although it took a bit of time to get used to the iron stand. Once I did that, it really worked well. By the way, I highly recommend the teflon coated cover. It does not stain, and makes ironing quite a bit easier and faster.

    Colleen - We bought the LifeStyle ironing centre a year ago - but our laundry room remodeling project took a bit longer than expected :o( . We finally got the unit installed in August and we couldn't be happier. It is wonderful to have an ironing board that can be put to use and then put 'away' so easily. the hanging rack is a real PLUS.

    Margery - I love my Lifestyle Ironing Centre! The design is great, and is very sturdy--I think it is superior to all the other wall mounted ironing boards available, and believe me, I looked at all that were available. I like the orientation and the compactness. It fits perfectly in my laundry area which is enclosed with closet doors. The only thing I would suggest as an improvement is to make the hard cover out of recycleable plastic, and make it an option. Since I didn't need the cover, I had to throw it away because I don't have storage space. So, there you are!

    Midge - I have been using my wall mounted ironing centre now for several years and I like it very much. It is so simple to fold away quickly and stores neatly against the wall in my laundry.

    Shirlee - I really like it except that the cover does not fit as snug against the wall as I thought it would. It takes up less room than a traditional ironing board as it is against the wall and easy to fold up and get out of the way.

    Carol - We bought this for a customer (we are a custom cabinet building company). Her feedback to us is that it is the BEST folding ironing board she has ever seen or used. She loved it! We will definitely recommend your product to others who what this type of ironing centre.

    Lois - I love it! It was definitely the answer to my "lifestyle" of ironing. I iron daily and always kept my ironing board set up even though it was an eyesore. The Wall Mounted Ironing Centre has solved that problem. Thank you for a wonderful product.

    Anita - I have been using my board for well over a year now and I love it! It is in my bedroom and I can just whip it out whenever I need it. It is easy to open up and use and it is not even noticeable when put away. I give it 5 stars!

    Robert - My wife is delighted with her ironing centre. It is mounted in a hallway and folds completely out of the way. Couldn't ask for a better installation or a handier device.

    Kim - We bought the ironing centre when my daughter moved back home and our 'ironing room' was no longer availablae in the morning. We installed it in our bathroom (easy installation) and are pleased with its ease of use as well as quality of construction. It's money well spent and will last for a long time.

    Lucille - Love the unit.My friends have also purchased them. Handy, convenient and so unobtrusive in my laundry room.Also must mention, great back-up support with installation.Help was a phone call away. Thanks for a great idea and product.

    Debra - Loved the ironing board. We were able to mount it without problem, it fits below the shelving in the laundry room so that no shelve space was lost. Easy to use, not exactly full size in length.

    Norma - What a wonderful invention! I found the installation somewhat more involved than I was anticipating, though.

    Joyce - This product is so convenient, I use it almost every day. I just swing out the ironing board, plug in the iron which sits safely on the metal rack, and iron. Then it folds neatly out of the way.

    Martha - Terrific product. Have been using it for three years without any issues. Highly recommend for condo or boats.
    RK - Since installing the ironing Centere ironing pants or shirts has been a pleasure and is no longer a hassle to get the board, set it up and do it. Suggest though to make it a little more thinner so it will not project so much out of the wall along with it's cover.

    Joy - I love the ironing centre. We owned our first one in our last house. My husband and I realized we hadnt put it in our contract to take the ironing center with us. As soon as we got into our new house we ordered another full size centre immediately. I would highly recommend this product. I like the flexibility of placement and movement of the board the most. Additionally this ironing board is very very sturdy. Love it!

    Juanita - The ironing centre is wonderful! It's compact, everything works beautifully, and I could not be more pleased with it.

    Phyllis - I have the unit in the hall off our bedroom, and use it often. It is much more convenient than our old ironing board in the laundry room. It is easy to set up and take down, and we painted it to match the wall color. Several of our friends have expressed interest in getting one also. Thanks for offering a great product!

    Sherry - I LOVE this product! With limited space, I needed something easily accessible (otherwise I would NEVER use it!) This fits in my utility closet and takes less time to open than a regular ironing board. It is absolutely perfect for my needs. A fantastic product.

    Esther - It fit nicely in my bedroom. I appreciate the ability to iron on either side of the board.

    James - This is an excellent product. It designed well and solidly built. I think it is by far the best ironing board for the money.

    Jeff - The wall mounted ironing centre is a great product, easy to install and use daily. The only added feature I would suggest is a place to hold the iron when the Ironing centre is folded up.

    Toni - I love this product. We installed it in a small hidden cove area of our bedroom, painted the cover to match the walls and its just perfect. Thank You!

    Patricia - This is the greatest product. It takes up very little room mounted on the wall. It is easy to set up to use. The ironing board is as big as a regular one. My husband and I love it!!!

    Allida - I love it!! I'm retired and consider myself a fulltime quilter, so I use my ironing center all the time. Being able to mount this to a wall space so it doesn't take up room in my small sewing room has been a God send. I love that I can fold it up and out of the way when I have company. Also, I' lefthanded and I like that I can set it up to work for me.

    If you would like to submit your own feedback please use our product feedback form.